Study In Malaysia

Malaysia is an increasingly popular place to get tertiary education with more than 40,000 international students from over 100 countries studying in Malaysia. It is the center of academic and higher education excellence in the region. Some reasons why international students choose Malaysia includes:

Quality Education Programs

The quality of educational institutions in Malaysia is monitored by the Malaysian government enforcement of legislation such as The Education Act, 1996, the Private Higher Educational Institutions Act, 1996 and The Malaysian Qualifications Agency Act 2007. The Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) provides guidelines and constant monitoring to ensure colleges and universities meet the highest standards in education and are internationally recognized. Institutions of higher learning in Malaysia provide professional, career-focused education offering courses that are up-to-date and market relevant. Graduates from Malaysia have no problems finding employment back in their home country. International students can also get an accredited degree from many choices of world-renowned universities from UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand through their twinning programs or branch campuses in Malaysia.

Work While You Study

Malaysia’s law allows holders of student pass or permit to work while studying. This enables students to supplement their living and earn extra pocket money for travelling and leisure activities. Students are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Low Cost Living & Tuition Fees

Tuition fees of accredited and high quality programs in Malaysia are very reasonable and highly affordable. The cost of living is also very low. A student can get by living comfortably for about RM 10,000 a year (USD 3,300). Furthermore the ringgit value is low compared to other currency and this gives students enormous savings while studying in Malaysia. International students who want a degree from developed countries like UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand can enroll in collaborative degree programs with reputable international universities such as the 2+1 programs or 3+0 programs which enable students to complete the entire foreign degree programs right here in Malaysia, and still be conferred with a degree from the partner university overseas. Alternatively, international students can study at foreign university branch campuses set up in Malaysia.

Courses Are Conducted In English

International students should not have any problems studying in Malaysia as English is the primary medium of Instruction for all courses and study programs conducted at the private higher educational institutions. For those less proficient in the language, there are numerous schools and institutions offering basic English courses.

Multicultural Studying Environment

International students studying in Malaysia will get to experience of living in a plural and multicultural society. The ethnic diversities of Malaysia expose students to a value-added life, global outlook and better understanding of different cultures, ethnic groups and traditions throughout the world. There are three major races in Malaysia namely the Malays, Chinese and Indians together with other ethnic minorities. Apart from mixing with Malaysian students, international students are also exposed to other students from different nationalities.

Safe & Comfortable Place To Study

Malaysia is a politically sound and geographically safe country free from natural disasters. With its modern infrastructure and efficient transportation system, Malaysia makes a safe and comfortable place to live and study.

After Studies

If you follow a twinning degree or a 3+0 degree program in Malaysia, you will be ending up with a world-wide recognized degree, where students get credit transfers to 2nd or 3rd year Bachelor’s Degree in Universities in UK, USA, Australia, Canada and France when they complete the relevant course duration in Malaysia. So, students may find employments in reputed establishments around the world with high remunerations and facilities. Especially non-Malaysians working in Malaysia after their education is not easy, as the work permit is an important form of documentation for those seeking employment in the country. Normally, this is obtained for the employee by the employer once in the country. Malaysia practices strict laws prohibiting foreigners working in the country without authorization and frequently or deports illegal work. Obtaining a permanent resident in Malaysia after study for an international student is too quit difficult, where they request for several strict conditions. Initially, it says that you should be a spouse or a child of a Malaysian citizen to get eligibility to apply for a PR. They also states that, you are in out of luck if you do not have such family ties. Secondly, you can try to apply for “Malaysia my second home program”. This is a program which allows a foreigner to stay in Malaysia as long as possible on a social visit visa with a multiple-entry social visit pass.